Hi my name is Mykk Freeman and you are my friend on Facebook

While you do  not know me or my wife, other than through Dragon Mania Legends or maybe you do know us.. Maybe you’re family or an old friend from our past, but the one thing I hop is that your heart is good.

My wife and I are in our late 40’s and 50’s and the both of us are disabled. I am currently going through a social security case and Rita is dealing with Lupus and Leukemia.

Recently we lost our house because the man we were renting from sold the property that our house was on.The new owners wanted their house back and who could blame them.. they paid good money.

The problem with that came when they wanted us out in three weeks. There was no way to raise the money to get a place of our own. We had to move n with some people that Rita had known years prior.

Unknown to Rita and myself was that they were Meth-heads. We tried and tried to tolerate the lifestyle, the hours, the paranoia but over the last 6 weeks, t got worse and worse.

Well, trying to make a long story short, tomorrow we are taking what money we have and after selling more of our stuff, we have enough for 4 nights at the cheapest motel in town.

We need your help!

Anything that you may be able to do will be gladly appreciated.

50 cents, 1 dollar, 5, 10… anything.

I know what you must be thinking.. SCAM..I tell you how much it kills me to have to ask y’all for this help and I swear to my God this is a legit request. Please find it within your sense of kindness to lend a hand.

Thank You every so much and God bless you.

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